Working Through Burnout – Complete the Stress Response Cycle

I have been presenting to healthcare groups about burnout and stress since ‘new normal’ kicked in… One of the most well-received resources I have shared is from Drs Emily and Amelia Nagoski called Burnout: The Secret to Solving the Stress Cycle. Although the book is an incredible and easy read, I have found various podcasts and videos that effectively summarize their findings.

Watch the below 7:00 video and listen to a bit of the science behind stress response and practical strategies that support stress release.

Note: although much of their focus is on women, the true focus is on anyone who is a ‘human giver’ and finds themselves burned out by giving too much. My hubby, Jeff, completely resonated with their explanations of the stress cycle and working through emotions. Men often face a silent struggle as they are taught ‘boys don’t cry’ and ‘to be strong’ — doesn’t mean they don’t experience feelings, emotions, stress, and burnout. If you choose to read the book or watch the below video, consider replacing the word ‘woman’ with ‘human’.

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