Who We Are

Hi there, we are Jeff, Emma + Colleen O’Malley Weber.

Jeff and I found each other in Ontario, Canada in 2003. Emma was born in 2007 basically tech and life savvy from day one! Since my mid-20’s I have been managing director for my own consulting firm in Baltimore/DC area and dragged Jeff into my world.

Since then I have served in people development / culture champion roles for large organizations support divisional and c-suite leadership with various initiatives. Together we have served as consultants to individuals, teams, and organizations. Jeff specializes in team building, management consulting, and leadership coaching.

Emma is our rudder and keeps us focused on the greater good and her generation’s future. She also loves to write, co-create training content and has been featured on a few podcasts discussing GenZs in the workplace.

Not only do we compliment each other but we keep setting the bar for each other daily – from learning new tools, perspectives, and approaches from each other. It was obvious we were a powerful team, so we shifted JC Weber to J C E Weber, LLC in 2022.

Together and individually we provide coaching and consulting because that is what we love doing!

Jeff and Colleen are well-trained coaches and have been a great help.  They ask pertinent questions without trying to lead you in ‘their direction’.  They work well together as a team, each complementing the other in their coaching.” 
“They helped us find direction in ways that we had not considered ourselves.  Both Jeff and Colleen have a way of assisting people to reach their goals in a way that is practical and helpful.” 

What you have given us we will carry with us through out life.  Jeff, I can’t thank you enough for your genuine personality and open ability to care for the well being of people.  What you do is very valuable and I will be sure to express to people the value of what Colleen and you do! “

To learn more about each of us, please review our individual bios/portfolios:
Jeff Weber
Colleen O’Malley
Emma Weber (pending)

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