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We offer a variety of interactive programs for individuals and teams where participants are challenged to learn what’s possible in a safe and learner-centric environment.
Individuals can experience hands-on application of new skills and behaviors in a work-learning setting.  For example, an individual who is interested in learning about developing a web site would learn how to create a web site by actually creating one in a partnership with his/her instructor.  This safe environment gives the learner a chance to a) receive coaching and feedback in a controlled environment while b) building experience and a portfolio.
 can participate in group ‘simulations’ that are custom tailored to your organization’s needs. 

Each individual and team is empowered to create maximum learning through their experiences while having fun!
We are committed to bringing various motivational programs that inspire participants to live, learn and work in an environment of safety, compassion, acceptance and respect.

By promoting self-acceptance and respect for others, we help to ignite participants’ passions while encouraging them to take their positions as positive leaders of change. Participants’ success is sustained by follow-up through individual and small group coaching and mentoring sessions.

Clients most often ask for sessions and support around:

Our goal at JCE Weber, LLC is to partner with individuals and organizations who choose to maximize what’s possible.

What do we mean by ‘what’s possible’?

In work, play, health, finances, growth, and relationships, each person and organization has the ability to find and embrace who they are, what they want to accomplish, and how they choose to experience the journey along the way.

Often it is not easy. Even with the best of intentions, ‘life happens’ and as a result ‘best intentions’ may become missed opportunities, regrets, wrong turns, getting lost, and/or statements of ‘in the future I will…’

What can make the difference between wanting success and having success? Working with us! 🙂

Contact us to learn more about how we can create and facilitate experiences that ignite, motivate, and support positive change.